DID Doubles 12th March, 2011 *Super Six*

DID Doubles 12th March, 2011 *Super Six*

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DID Doubles 12th March, 2011 when the elimination of Surya and Sneha we have a tendency to are right down to the Super Six Couples of Dance India Dance Doubles who performed nowadays. All the couples were trained by alternative Masters than their own team during this episode. Niharika went on the ground senseless when the performance, she was taken for medical attention and also the sources say she is doing higher currently. Amit and Falon’s performance was simply extremely nowadays. Geeta choreographed their performance and it had been one amongst their best within the show.

-: Geeta Ki Gang :-

Cornell and Sonali performed Bachata Dance on the song Aankhon Se Tu Ne
Prithvi and Vivek performed Freestyle on the song Pyaar Tumhein

-: Marzi Ke Mastane :-

Amit and Falon performed Semi Classical Dance on the song Roshni Se Bhare Bhare
Saurabh and Vivek performed Freestyle and Hip Hop on the song Saali Khushi

-: Rajeev Ke Rockers :-

Vikram and Niharika performed Jogwa Dance on the song Lallati Bhandaar
Karan and Carling performed modern Dance on the song Teri Yaad

Performance of the day goes to Amit & Falon and Vikram & Niharika.

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