Mithun Da rags Master Marzi Pestonji

Mithun Da rags Master Marzi Pestonji

DID DoublesDID DoublesWhen young Amit and Falon from Master Marzi Pestonji’s team on Zee TV’s DID Doubles set the stage ablaze with a frenzied dance of harmful love that culminated with the 2 lovers commiting suicide during a hair-raising dramatic climax, the audience was left speechless before it roared with applause.

This riveting dance act to the song Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi had such an emotional impact on Grand Master Mithun Da that he struck a conversation regarding “intense love” with the contestants, asking if they need loved anyone thus dearly and whether or not they had drawn inspiration from their personal feelings for such a robust act. Having heard them out, Dada currently turned his attention to the person who had choreographed the act Master Marzi Pestonji!

Posing a similar question to Marzi, Dada hoped to listen to a story of deep love from the dance master. Marzi, on the opposite hand, simply replied with an off-the-cuff “No Dada, not really!” Not willing to require no for a solution, Dada prodded him not once, not twice however thrice on whether or not he had ever loved a girl thus intensely that he might choreograph such a frenzied act. once saying he hadn’t loved a girl “that intensely” twice already, the typically keep Marzi felt cornered by the fairly insistent Dada and virtually like an exasperated kid, burst out saying, “Dada, please! It’s OK. You see? i'm still alive I haven’t commited suicide for anyone yet!

While everybody thought Dada would possibly take offence to Marzi’s outburst, he burst out laughing saying, “Ha ha ha! You had to envision Marzi’s expression. That tortured look was merely priceless. terribly terribly cute!” The audience, Mithun Da and every one 3 masters together with Marzi (who had turned a beetroot red by then!) were all in splits over Marzi’s ragging session. appears like Dada’s found a brand new “Jay” in Marzi!

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