Dance India Dance Returns Back With New Judges!

Dance India Dance Returns Back With New Judges!

Dance India DanceIndia’s BIGGEST dance reality show is back.The entire nation watched Salman set the stage ablaze with his daredevil fire act showcasing Mayurbhanj Chhau. Dharmesh sent everyone into frenzy each time he took to the stage with his original hip-hop acts and Jay Kumar Nair brought the art of Kama Sutra alive with his grace and dexterity. And, audiences across the country were left begging for more when Shatki Mohan wove magic on television with her sensuous moves and emerged the winner in the last season The passion, the frenzy, the camaraderie, the rehearsals, the victories, the disappointments, the hosts, the judges and above all, the spectacular talent it’s all back with a BANG! Come December 31 at 9:30 PM, Zee TV will unleash the 4th chapter of its cult hit show Dance India Dance, this year called ‘DID Doubles’.

Dance India DanceWhile the first 3 seasons have unearthed some rare jewels of dancing talent, the latest season promises to throw up not one, but TWO exceptional talents in dance. Dance India Dance, this time around, is in search of the ultimate dance “jodi”! In a bid to attract the finest dancing talent from every nook and corner of the country, Zee TV has been conducting auditions for over 3 months this year across 18 cities in India and even in the United States, UK and Dubai. The auditions have drawn upon over 1 Lakh passionate aspirants from all over India and abroad… and with just the Top 12 couples from amongst them all, making it to DID Doubles, one can only begin to imagine the force of their explosive talent! So this is not the time for talented young dancers to display their talent individually, it’s a chance to let the world feel the crackling chemistry they share with their dance partners and wow the audience with original choreography, immaculate timing, outstanding co-ordination and universal appeal.

Since its very first season that was launched in January 2009, Dance India Dance has introduced and popularized never-seen-before dance forms like Locking-Popping, B-Boying, Cha Cha cha, Rumba, Jive, Contemporary, Afro Jazz, etc. The sheer passion and fervor with which close to 80 million viewers in India in nearly 167 countries have been hooked onto the show has made ‘Dance India Dance’ larger than life. A benchmark for excellence in dance was set with DANCE INDIA DANCE- The ultimate platform to showcase the talent and charisma of India’s most gifted dancers, So let’s dance our way into 2011 with the latest season of India’s favorite dance reality show DID Doubles Grand Premiere on 31 December from 9 30 pm onwards, only on Zee TV.

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